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Our story

Big wasn’t always beautiful after all, and now it’s time to return to our roots. We wanted to create the best and most enjoyable workplace for us and our medical staff. A place we can call our own. A traditional dental clinic that genuinely provides customer service. Above all, we provide you with a person who will take care of you. At our genuinely private dental clinic you will receive personal service, in peace. Hammaslääkärit Eteläranta 10 is not part of municipal dental care, nor is it an international chain. We are a fully independent, employee-owned dental clinic. Our dentists have extensive experience as dentists in the private sector. We do everything from small fillings to demanding surgical care and aesthetic teeth straightening. Our clinic is located in the center of Helsinki in the Palace building and it is one of the newest clinics in Finland. In our interior design we wanted to respect the world-famous classic design language of architects Revell and Petäjä.




Our Dentists

Sanna Suominen

A second-generation dentist, she became familiar with the daily work of a dentist as a toddler. Her first summer job in her hometown of Porti was as a dentist’s assistant. Sanna has been taking care of the teeth of private dental patients in Helsinki since 2005. As an experienced dentist Sanna is able to perform nearly every kind of procedure, although she prefers to have surgery performed by professionals who are more interested in it. In the past, Sanna had clinics in four locations and a large number of employees. After that period she also tried working in a large corporation. However, the corporate world did not suit the entrepreneurial dentist and we were able to hire her back to her roots here in Eteläranta. Sanna’s strengths include friendly service and the ability to work fast, with experience from thousands of patients. She attended a Swedish-language school and cantherefore speak Swedish fluently.

Sven Kalle

Here is the true epitome of a private dentist. He is able to perform all procedures and never has bad days. He tells the patient what is going on and works with sufficient speed. When it’s over, he explains the treatment performed in detail with the patient. Sven’s dentist career started in 2004 and since then he has treated thousands of patients mostly in downtown Helsinki and in the Oulunkylä suburb. This dentist is always excited about the latest technology and the newest dentist toys. Over the years he has become familiar with scanners, milling machines and printers.

Uula Kitti

Uula has gone a long way in his dentist career. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he has had to obtain both dental and medical qualifications. He is in fact a dental specialist as well as a specialist doctor. This happy and jovial dentist also has extensive experience in general dentistry, which means he is a real nugget of experience for us. Most of the surgical operations here are performed by Uula. Patients getting implants meet him first and then go back to their own dentist. Because of his background, he is perhaps a little overqualified to just do implants, so in addition to working at Eteläranta Uula also works in a hospital on even more challenging patients. He is also our dentist in charge.

Timo Stranden

Timo Stranden

Our Timo really likes teeth and to work as a dentist. The man with nerves of steel has presumably never been seen annoyed or angry. With his patients, Timo has the patience to carefully review the different options and he enjoys aesthetics in particular. He is the one who pays attention to the finishing touch by making exactly the right-sized teeth and perfect gaps for new laminates.
His love towards laminates, crowns, bridges and implants was so strong that prosthetics was finally studied at university. His own clinic had to wait for a few years, as everything possible about occlusion had to be learnt.
To us, Timo is an extremely important professional, and it is an actual stroke of luck to have him as a fourth shareholder. Challenging treatment in particular is always carried out in cooperation with several dentists, and a specialist in prosthetics plays an important role in this entity.


In honor of our grand opening, we decided to make a truly good offer. Prices for a dental implant with crown start from 999 €.
Price includes the installation of an artificial root and an individual crown made in our Helsinki laboratory including all of its parts. We use parts from reputable manufacturers with whom we have extensive experience.
The price does not include any possibly necessary bone grafts or additional operations. Of course you will receive a separate estimate of their potential need and prices.
Additionally we will provide you with the best guarantee for implant parts in the industry. If the work needs to be performed again within five years due to a breakage of an implant part (not the crown), we will repair it and also pay the dentist fees on your behalf.
If you have to travel a long distance, feel free to contact us. We can minimize the number of your visits together.


Implantology. Starting from 999 €
Clear Aligners. Starting from 2000 €

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Our actual clinic is located next to the market square in the center of Helsinki. The building is known in Helsinki as the “Palace” after the name of the hotel that used to be located in it. The huge neon Palace sign is still located on top of the building.

But we are located at street level and we have our own entrance that is suitable for people with reduced mobility. There is a tram stop and taxi stand directly in front of our door. There are plenty of parking spaces directly in front of our clinic.